We define "Custom Metal" as a project that is a single piece which includes various architectural or technical details. 

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Custom Metal

- Gates, Walkway Accents, Decorative Barriers, Metal Signage and Lettering.


BoardWalk PAtio Expansion 

"Cask & Barrel" - Jasper Ave


June 2017

Custom Railing, Lighting, Steel Planters, and Benches

"ACE Roasters" - Whyte Ave


October 2015 - June 2017

Spiral Staircase

"Hager Developments" - Edmonton

March 2017


Metal Steel Spiral Staircase Edmonton Alberta

Custom Metal Dividing Wall

"Forge North Services" Edmonton

January 2017

Custom ARCHITECTURAL accent piece

"Vicky's homes" - Cameron Heights Edmonton

October 2015

Custom Gas access hatch 

"Ace Roasters" - Whyte Ave Edmonton

March 2016

Custom Gate Enclosure

"The Needle Vinyl Tavern" Jasper Ave Edmonton

April 2016

custom metal and wood storefront sign

"Sapor Vapes" - Jasper Ave Edmonton

February 2016

Custom Parking Barrier 

"Hudson House" - Jasper Ave Edmonton

April 2016